The Generis American Aerospace & Defense Summit partners with organizations that provide the most innovative solutions and services to the aerospace and defense industry. Our unique platform enables pre and post summit marketing, guaranteed one-to-one meetings, and an optimized networking experience. To find out more about how Generis can help you get in front of the right audience contact us or take a look at the sponsorship packages.

As a proactive, solutions focused summit, our higher purposes is to ensure that delegates walk away with in-depth insights from the presentations as well as a greater understanding of the solutions that can help them achieve their goals. The event sponsors partner with us to ensure that our delegates have all the solutions oriented information needed to make the best decisions for their business.

Watch the quick videos to discover how past sponsors have enjoyed their experience at the summit!


The Sponsorship Experience



Generis American Manufacturing Summit: Alfred Sherk
6 months ago

We were thrilled to have SherTrack join us at the American Manufacturing Summit 2016! Watch the video to hear about SherTrack's experience at the Generis American Manufacturing Summit, and why they will be...